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Keep cones in a cool place out of sunlight


  1. 2 Hand Towels
  2. Small bowl of water
  3. Scissors
  4. 2 wooden skewers or knitting needle
  5. Q-Tips
  6. Mullein Flower Oil or Olive Oil (optional)
  7. Matches or candle
  8. Plastic Bag or paper towel - to place under your bowl
  9. Cotton Balls (optional)



1. Create a pleasant mood and relax. Put on soothing music and candles (if it’s dark). Lie the person on either side with head on a small pillow or an easier way is to lie the person flat on their back with a large firm pillow under the knees and a very small pillow under the head. The idea is to keep the spine flat. In the flat back position you need just move the head from side to side as needed. If it’s chilly, put a blanket on them.


photos copyright © 2004 Cozy McFee
2. Place one hand towel on the pillow, and one to cover hair and neck to protect from possible wax drip, (use a piece of damp paper towel on top of the hand towel). I ask for assistance (silently) from the devas of this realm of clearing. Center yourself.

photo copyright © 2004 Cozy McFee
3. Light the wide end of the cone and tap till smoke pours out the small end.

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4. Gently place small end in the ear canal. Angle the cone away from face, 45 degrees. Adjust cone to seal. Wave smoke away from the ear with your other hand until sealed. No smoke should escape out of the canal.
photo copyright © 2004 Cozy McFee
5. Let the wide end burn about 2" down. Remove and Cut burnt section into bowl of water and leave 1/4" burning... Or cut the flame off and empty cone and re-light, whichever suits you.
photo copyright © 2004 Cozy McFee
6. Turn cone upside down (skewer goes in small end to empty out of wide end) and ream out with skewer into a bowl of water. If 1/4"still burning, turn upright and tap with skewer until smoke comes out. If flame cut, relight, turn upright and tap with skewer till smoke comes out. Return to canal and seal again. Burn 2" more, empty cone. Burn halfway down. It takes 2 cuttings then douse cone in water when finished with last section.
photo copyright © 2004 Cozy McFee

7. You should be left with about 6" of the cone when finished. Douse in bowl. Break skewer in half ( do not re-use it.)

8. The cone may contain some cone wax. The active force in coning is the smoke spiraling into the ear canal. We need as much smoke as possible pouring in. If the wax is properly emptied out each time you cut the cone, you continue a strong flow of smoke. The smoke does its work, ignore the amount of wax in the cone.

9. Clean out ear with Q-tip dipped in oil. Do not go deep. Gently swab only what you can see of the canal. This soothes the nerve endings. I use a pendulum or muscle test to see if another cone is needed on either side.

10. Balance the ears - Position yourself at the head with person lying down, face up. Place your hands on both ears and wait for an energy pulse between your palms. Release (silently) the person's energy field from yours. Bring hands from to top of head to close auric field.

photo copyright © 2004 Cozy McFee

Put cotton in the ears to protect from cold wind if you are going outdoors (not necessary indoors or in warm weather). A few drops of ear oil or olive oil may be put on cotton. Clean and sanitize bowl. Remove wax from scissors with fire or hot water and wipe with paper towel.

You are done!

Practitioners add whatever they feel will help the process. Feel free to do the same.
Some do Reiki, massage, cranio sacral, essential oils etc.
I also add some extras to my routine. I incorporate Helichrysum essential oil as per Dr. Young’s (of Young Living Essential Oils) suggested use of Helichrysum for ears. I use one drop of Helichrysum on the index finger, place finger in the ear canal and press in 4 directions. First forward then top, toward back then down. On the down stroke, give it plenty of pressure and jerk down. Next, put one more drop of Helichrysum on the index finger and massage the bone in back of the ear, especially the TMJ joint under the earlobe.
*Make sure to clip your index fingernail or it can be too hard in the ear canal.
You may also use acupressure on the rim of the ear (use index finger and thumb), from the top to the ear lobe. This can be done before or after the candling.
*Never use essential oils directly in the ear as drops, they can burn the eardrum.
External use is all you need due to the penetrating action of the oils.
*Pressing index finger in the ear canal can be used whenever you feel blockage
(i.e.airplane), with or without oil. Press in 4 directions. On the down stroke, give it plenty of pressure and jerk down with thumb behind the earlobe and index finger in ear canal.

For 24 hours after a coning it’s best to not immerse you head in water, if you do, just put some cotton in the ears.


  1. It takes 3 separate conings to finish what was started with the 1st.
    Space them 3 to 7 days apart.
  2. If ears feel drawing or dry, use olive or Mullein flower oil - a few drops of warm oil is very soothing.
  3. If you burn a cone by itself, expect a small amount of wax and powder from the cone. Forget about the wax as an indicator of the success of the coning, use your perception of how you feel before and after as your gauge.

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