Auricular candles are rarely seen here in France and their beneficial powers remain almost unknown. We know the role played by the Hopi indians of Arizona in their use.
Indeed, legend has it that the Hopi tribes settled for a certain time in central America, notably Guatemala, in Honduras and in the Yucatan peninsula in the south of Mexico.

This geographical relation helps us to understand the many similarities noted between the Hopi and the Aztec myths. And perhaps it also supplies the key to why some of the Hopi people are able to read the wall paintings, with their highly abstract symbolism, on the Mayan temples.

We would very much like to offer our clients your wide range of cones and to explain the concept and its beneficial effects.
S.P. Hyeres, France

I just wanted to compliment you on the quality of your product. I’m a massage therapist who just recently started candling some of my client’s ears and have gotten profound results. I like the idea of using all natural products and your candles are just that- giving me the comfort of knowing I’m helping my clients in the most natural way possible. Thank you for such a wonderful product!
J W. Yardville, N.J.


Your cones are still amazing- thank you! I’ve gone through all of them already. Keep up the good work.
F A W Boise, Id

All of a sudden everyone wants their ears “done”. I would appreciate this order as soon as possible. Thanks

Please send me some new order forms! I am so glad I got a hold of you again- I have tried many other cones – none work as yours do! Thanks! We lost touch with you for a while.

Thank you for the helpful information. Your candles are truly magic Irene.
A O Lake Bluff, Il

Love and recommend your ear cones. They are the best to burn & effective. Thank you again. In the spirit of Reiki love,

Thanks too for getting my order to me so quickly. I love the cones you produce. It’s great treatment with MLO therapy.
S L Big Bear, Ca

After our conversation I tried the Osha root cones. It was great. I found them working not only on a physical level, but a deeper vibrational level as well. Not only did my ears & sinuses feel lighter, but my face looked more toned & relaxed. Thanks for your helpful info & I look forward to trying the rest of the cones.

I am very excited about providing ear coning for my clients. It is a wonderful balancer.

Thank you so much. I really do appreciate these great ear cones. They are by far the best quality I have seen.
S. S. Oldfield, Mo.

Thank you ever so much. These cones are the best I’ve ever worked with and they have amazing results.

Something that I have noticed is that I am putting symbols on the candles with a colored marker and that appears to be enhancing the frequency/ experience of the coning. Have you tried that?

Thank you for calling me so promptly. And thank you for such wonderful energy that is placed into your product.
Rev. Y G

Thank you so much for your prompt service. We love your cones and so do our customers. We don’t carry any other brand.
I - M J Champaign, Il

I would appreciate any speed you can muster in getting this order to me as I suddenly (and unexpectedly) find myself as “the ear coning person” at a local new age store. A Big stretch for me, as I am a very private person. But, here’s to fun and success for us all!
E L Irvine, Ca.

Thank you for taking the time to be so informative about the cones, etc. Since I’m always reminding my clients to “breathe” during their sessions, this will be a wonderful tool to assist them.

I can only say that the candling continues to help my daughter tremendously.

I talk to everyone about your cones. They’re the best. I’ve been giving out your wholesale list to businesses from out of town that want them in their stores- after they get them- they love them.
B Gallup, N.M.

Thanks for making such a great cone! I incorporate Reiki & essential oils in my coning process.
B Wyoming

My customers really like the cones that I get from you. They are very special. Some have tried the cheap ones and come back and buy yours. There is no comparison. When I do a coning on anyone I always use yours because they are the best.

Thanks, they are a blessing for everyone but especially my 7 and 4 year olds.
B. P. Socorro, N.M.

Your candles work the best for me. Thanks!

I have not found any cones which are of the quality you make.

Once again, thank you for your wonderful work. You make the best ear cones- Ever!! They work wonders and my clients love them. I don’t have to ask them if they need an ear coning, they call me to tell me they need one.
MM Tucson,, Az.

Wow- your candles are magic! Can’t believe the releases- really does feel like getting insides smudged- definitely get in a higher state- thank you-
A. B. Inglewood, Ca.

We have really enjoyed telling people about this technique. Everyone who uses them is amazed at the results just as we have been!
A.J. Pensacola, Fl.

Also, you may enjoy knowing that your cones are going to Canada, where they are well-liked and well-received! I also understand that some cones are being (or have been) ordered by some of my Canadian contacts, either directly or through their American partners
I would also like to personally thank you for the continued high quality and very reliable production of your cones- I have not found any better!
G.S. Dayton, Ohio

I have used your cones and am extremely pleased with them, as I’ve tried others and was not satisfied at all.
L.T. Kailua Kona, Hi.

Thank you for sending the cones as soon as you can. I did a coning demonstration for a traditional Doctor’s office staff, i.e.; allergist, rheumatologist, 2 M.D.’s , nutritionist etc. They were so impressed I was there 5 hours working on different staff members. Now I am working one day a week out of their offices on patients they are referring! The conings continue to be powerful.

I have tried several others and find that I personally like the fragrances and handling of your cones the best. Thank you again.
S.G. Gilbert, Az.

Of all the varieties I’ve tried, I find yours the best and easiest to work with.
D. D. B.C. Canada

Thank you so much for the love & healing energy that goes into these wonderful cones.
M Chicago, Il

I am so grateful for your divine products….thank you for all of your attention to detail, vibration, intention, etc!
L.T. L.A., Ca.

Some experiences:

A retired couple from England drove 3 hours each way to have me cone them in Jamaica and he was so delighted that he hugged me 3x and said he'd be back for me in February. Thanks for your greatest cones!
A - Jamaica

Thank you so much for your great work with the Gem essences. I have been using Coning works cones for years about 8 years here in Buffalo.. I must say I really notice such a difference when I use the Gem essence cones. The energetic release is significantly enhanced. I used the Moldavite cone on a client this week.. She is an advocate for battered woman and children. Last month one of her clients was beheaded by her husband.. She was having a difficult time processing. I could actually see the energy being released from her !!! Powerful transformation. I also wanted to mention that.. I had placed my order with you the day that client was here...and I said to her I feel you need to have a coning...Let's book you for next week.. I don't know what the gemstone is called but I see it being sent in the box..It begins with an M and it is the only one in that box... sure enough there it was.. I got doubles of almost every other Gemstone..and the Moldavite was the only one.. When I read her the Qualities ...she stated..That certainly resonates...She just quit smoking and I feel like this clearing is going to assist her with staying away from the cigarettes as well. This work still amazes me after all these years.. The syncronicity is amazing .... CJ, NY